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Why See a Therapist?

Thousands of people seek out Psychotherapy every day. Before making the call, many individuals think they can make the changes by themselves or they feel ashamed or humbled by having to seek out such help. However, over time, they find themselves back in the same dissatisfying work or love relationships. Those that finally make the call have realized that they have to take responsibility for their problems and seek the help and support they need to make necessary changes. In effect, “Life is too short to live it unhappily.

Executives, business owners, and professionals utilize therapy to address issues that could compromise their ability to collaborate with senior administration, colleagues, subordinates, or clients. While these individuals may currently be successful climbing the corporate ladder or running a business, they soon find there are increasing demands, expectations, and other uncertainties to deal with. While on the outside things appear to (and might really be) going great, inside one’s self there may be troublesome feelings/thoughts and increasing anxiety. These issues translate into behaviors, which ultimately interfere with growth, success, and on-going fulfilling relationships.

Still, others seek out therapy when there is increasing discontent in their family or love life. Perhaps work fills one’s life, but as the connection between those we love becomes distant and less fulfilling, there is an emptiness that grows due to family demands. This could be due to a past or current family trauma, such as a death of a loved one, the birth of a child with special needs, loss of work, and so on.

Therapy brings to light feelings and thoughts that are incongruous with the way we think and feel things should be.

Therapy Helps

  • Business executives, owners, and professionals resolve conflicts within themselves and between others. With the resolution of conflicts within themselves, and with more harmonious work and love relationships, there is more time and energy to pursue goals and meet work and relationship demands
  • Individuals listen to others in a more effective manner and help build a more effective business team
  • Individuals listen to those they love and work together, if desired, to make their home and love life more exciting and fulfilling

The Final Goal of Therapy
Enable the individual to live, love & work and lead a life that is fulfilling.

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