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Behavioral Intervention & Support Services for the Child & Family

As a highly experienced, highly skilled clinician, I provide my clients the highest quality services to create a personalized programmatic intervention designed to work with each child’s strengths. This programmatic intervention addresses positively and proactively the needs of each special child. I work with the entire family to help meet their needs and the child’s special needs. Having many years of experience working as a psychoanalyst at the Washington Square Institute of Psychoanalysis and Mental Health, I am skilled at utilizing applied behavior analysis to facilitate change on many levels.

To affect this highly individualized program:

  • I visit the home and school to observe the child and family members
  • The program design is practical, as it is geared to the parents’ ability to implement the program
  • The interventions are tested before the program is finalized
  • All family members are trained in the implementation of the program
  • On-going follow up is provided as needed
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End the struggle for you and your child. Begin a new, happier and more loving time for your family.

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