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Parenting Maladaptive Behavior & How to Get School District Funding for Behavioral Intervention

Thursday, April 7, 2016

379 West Broadway, NYC 10012, 5th floor

Small steps lead to big behavioral changes.
Let’s take some small steps together. Continue reading


Parent-Child Conflict: Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

Great Neck SEPTA (C.H.I.L.D) Invites You to Join Us!

Monday December 7th @10:30am
Saddle Rock School (Library) Continue reading


Support Group for Parents/Caregivers of Children with Special Needs

The National Autism Association is excited to announce the return of our
Manhattan-Based Monthly Evening Support Group for Parents/Caregivers of Children with Special Needs

with our new moderator
Adam J. Holstein, P.D., L.P.

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Facilitating Emotional Development by Being Consistent and Emotionally Constant


We will review some of the potential outcomes where a child who has had a positive or negative, but consistent environment as opposed to a child who does not know what to expect from his environment. The impact of a psycho-dynamic “feeling” approach verses a behavioral approach using applied behavior analysis, ABA, will be reviewed. Continue reading


Psychology Today Blog Interview with Adam Holstein

Adam Holstein, P.D., L.P., was recently interviewed by Amanda Friedman, MSEd, SBL, co-founder of The Atlas Foundation For Autism, for her blog article Answers: Beliefs About ABA, featured on the Psychology Today website. Continue reading


The Complex Process of Implementing ABA Behavior Programs

With some recent families I have been contracted to help parents evaluate behavioral interventions, which utilize applied behavior analysis (ABA) for their children who have behavioral challenges. As a consultant I review, evaluations, IEP’s and behavioral programs that are in place to assure their child’s needs are being met consistent with best practice. Continue reading


Reflections on Being a Parent

Being a Parent is a tremendous responsibility and challenge. “Getting it right” whatever that means, will tax you intellectually, emotionally and perhaps financially. “Getting it right” when you have a child with special needs can be even more challenging. Continue reading


Why Do Kids Have Tantrums & Meltdowns?

We have to be mindful that while Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is integrated into how first responders; Early Intervention Providers, CPSE, and CSE work within their interventions and disciplines, it does not address the whole of the motivations of a child’s behavioral difficulties. Continue reading


Why See a Therapist?

Thousands of people seek out Psychotherapy every day. Before making the call, many individuals think they can make the changes by themselves or they feel ashamed or humbled by having to seek out such help. However, over time, they find themselves back in the same dissatisfying work or love relationships. Those that finally make the call have realized that they have to take responsibility for their problems and seek the help and support they need to make necessary changes. In effect, “Life is too short to live it unhappily.Continue reading


Conflicts in Parenting Styles – Part 2

In “Conflicts in Parenting Styles – Part 1″, I wrote about conflicts within a parent and between a parent and a child. This time, I’ll focus on the difference in parenting styles between a mother and father and the child. What I previously discussed in Part 1 is true for both parents and their interactions with the child. Continue reading